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Biblical Truth: Don’t Judge Anyone

Quote of the week
”Let go of old guilt and remember that you’re God’s perfect child! – Doreen Virtue

Biblical Truth: Don’t Judge Anyone

Goodmorning my great and blessed readers, hope you all had a pleasant weekend? Here i come again with the biblical truth and guess today’s verse it is

Matthew 7 vs 1-6

”Don’t judge, or you will be judged, for in the same way you judge others you will be judged and with the same measure you use, it will be measured to you.
Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother let me take the speck out of your eye when all the time there is a plank in your own eyes. You hyprocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.
Do not give dogs what is sacred, do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you, they may trample them under their feet and then turn and tear you to pieces.”

wow, we all can see that God himself is against the judging of others
Overtime, I have witnessed a lot of people judging others and guess what the people judging others have their own problem, they have failed to solve their own problem, work on their attitudes and also mind their business but no, you will see them talking and criticizing others, you will also see them jumping into conclusion about people they will never give someone the chance to tell his own side of the story.
Well, a lot of us are like this, it is the nature of we humans to be hypercritical. we judge others, we criticize but that same thing we criticize others about is the same thing we will also be found doing.
God almighty is against it, it was not only written in Matthew 7 but also if you read Luke 6 vs 41 -42 you will see that God detest the judging of humans by humans.
God is the ony great and superior Judge, God almighty says do not judge others, for the same way you judge others you will also be judged.
The simple truth is that we all will face that judgement day in heaven but my prayer is that we all make heaven. All earthly judge will also face that judgement day.
My sincere advise to us all is that we mind our own business, work on our own attitude and stop judging others.
What concerns you with what is going on in Jigidi family, what concerns you with their problem, when your family still have it own problem, ther is a difference between showing care/advise and talking bad about people. Solve your own issues, run theat heavenly race, remained focused and never get distracted.
Is there anyone on earth without his/her own problem? Now so why judge others, why talk evil about people, why hate people for their actions.
The truth is Sis Rebecca who is criticizing/judging Sis Bisi if care is not taken won’t make heaven and Sis Bisi who is seen as that evil doer will be the one to make heaven.
Am not saying you can’t call people and express your feelings! But don’t judge, everyone will always have reasons for their action, which you and I won’t know if we just jump into conclusion about their actions without asking.
Your friend stole money and you will be the one found castigating why not sit your friend down and advice him and also pray for him as a good friend should. We humans are not perfect, am not a saint. We are all sinners and if not for God we won’t be where we are today.
All the same always learn not to judge others, no gain in judging others, it is a bad attitude and God is against it.

hope today’s biblical truth have passed a message accross.
I will love and appreciate your comments and also your sharing of today’s biblical truth.

God bless
Love you all


Quotes that will change your Life -4

Quotes that will change your life -4

You can only control your reactions and attitudes to what happens to you but you cannot control the actual events. Learn the difference. – Brian L. Weiss, M.D

Many of us have gotten it wrong, we need to know that we can only control our reactions and attitudes to what happens to us, but we cannot control the actual events
Likewise the same, we can control ourselves but we can’t control the attitudes and actions towards us.
The best thing for us is to learn to control our reactions and attitudes to what happens to us. As Brian L. Weiss has said learn the difference. There is a difference between controlling our reactions and actions and someone controlling the actual events of things.
But the more you think you can control the actual events the more you keep failing. When we work on our attitudes and reactionw then we will see that the actual event will then favour us.

All the best.

The Beautiful Damsel with No character

A Poem: The Beautiful Damsel with no character

Sitting at the verandah
Looking up unto the sky
Relaxing in the cool evening
To receive some fresh breeze

I saw a beautiful damsel
I saw her and I was overwhelmed
Have never seen a beautiful damsel like her before
Then I saw her approaching the house
I made up my mind that I will go and approach Her

But in some few minutes still at the verandah
I saw her naked, fighting with a pepper seller
Hurling abusive words at the woman

I wanted to go settle the fight
But my friend told me not to
He said she is the beautiful damsel with no character
He said she was trained but didn’t receive training.

Then came to my mind was the saying
True beauty is not facial looks but character
True beauty lies in the character

Many of the beautiful damsel with no character are out there deceiving men
They are the beautiful damsel with no character
You will see them on the street
And it will be like you haven’t seen a beautiful damsel before
But you need to know they are beautiful damsels with no character

They will be the talk of the town
Every woman talking about them
Even the men talking about them
The young and old talking abouting them
Coz they are the beautiful damsels with no character

They are not to be approached
Approach them and receive your doom

They are many, many out there
They are the beautiful damsels with no character
The beautiful damsel with no character they are indeed!

Have a beautiful day ahead
Love you all

Are you Ashamed of your Age

Are you ashamed of your Age

This morning a friend and I were both discussing about some issues, then he brought up a matter about people forging their age, when he first brought up the matter I was kinda indifferent about the topic, he was like there is a lot of people who forge their age etc.
At first i didn’t see anything bad in it reason being that, I also do add to my age, most times I add 2 or 3 years to my age or even more. And also
in all my social media accounts apart from my twitter account i didn’t fill in my real age. So this didn’t allow me see anything bad in adding to ones age until when i got home and gave it a thought
Why do people add to their age?
Why do people reduce their age?
Is it that they are ashamed of it or is there anything bad in it?
on the first question why do people add to their age, i reasoned on my little mind that people add to their age for no just reason, but due to the fact that they don’t want to be seen has a young person, some other people also add to their age because of employment opportunities and many more. Some people also add to their age because they are ignorant of the fact that it shouldn’t be.
On the second question why do people reduce their age? I will say this is the mani koko lot of people have reduced and many people are still reducing it. I can say that I know a lot of people due to employment opportunities and other things. I remembered a time in Nigeria when the Nigeria Football Association were recruiting players for either the U-20 football team. I can’t remember precisely which of the Nigeria football team. Alot of Nigerians were said to have reduced their age.
So right now in my own view for any reason one shouldn’t add or reduce their age, forging age or any docunment is wrong, it is a sin.
There was a story I read about a woman, this woman along with few other ladies applied for a Job, though the qualification for the Job stated that the applicant must be between the age of 20 – 25 unfortunately for the ladies they were 2 to 4 years older, the other ladies reduced their age but this lady didn’t reduce her age she was seen as stupid and someone who wasn’t smart but this Lady told herself that for no reason would she forge or reduce her age, other ladies forged their age and the truth was they got but within the space of two months they were sacked and the other lady that didn’t forge her age oc of employment opportunity was called upon for the job.
That’s the way it should be. I see it that it is only if one is ashamed of ones age that’s when one will be forced to add/reduce his/her age
Are you ashamed of your age?
Will you for any reason forge your age?
Is it good for one to forge his/her age

I will like to know your opinions and views about this post in the comment section.

Thanks For Reading
All the best

The Law of Nature

The Law Of Nature

God loves us all and he nevers wants us to perish. I do say that if those who do evil ever think and know that they will surely be a consequences of their action they will never do evil.
A lot of people do evil without thinking of the consequences, they forget the law of naure will prevail. They forget nemesis will catch up with all evil doers. That’s why i wrote this poem so the ignorant, the evil doers will know that the law of nature will catch up with them if they don’t stop doing evil and also correct their ways.

Ah the law of nature!
What’s the law of nature?
Have you heard of the law of nature?
The law of nature will surely prevail

The law of nature will surely catch up with all who violate the law
Beware of the law
Nemesis will catch up will all who do bad

There is always a consequence for all evil action
The wages of sin is death
Beware of doing evil
Think twice before taking a decision

The law of Nature!
No matter how long you hide
No matter all long you run all you evil doers
The law of nature will catch up with you!

The law of Nature
If you break the law you will pay for it
A word is enough for the wise
All who love their life will hear and obey

Never do evil coz the law of nature will evil
The law of nature

All the best
Enjoy the rest of your day.

Bolu Akindele

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