Are you Ashamed of your Age

Are you ashamed of your Age

This morning a friend and I were both discussing about some issues, then he brought up a matter about people forging their age, when he first brought up the matter I was kinda indifferent about the topic, he was like there is a lot of people who forge their age etc.
At first i didn’t see anything bad in it reason being that, I also do add to my age, most times I add 2 or 3 years to my age or even more. And also
in all my social media accounts apart from my twitter account i didn’t fill in my real age. So this didn’t allow me see anything bad in adding to ones age until when i got home and gave it a thought
Why do people add to their age?
Why do people reduce their age?
Is it that they are ashamed of it or is there anything bad in it?
on the first question why do people add to their age, i reasoned on my little mind that people add to their age for no just reason, but due to the fact that they don’t want to be seen has a young person, some other people also add to their age because of employment opportunities and many more. Some people also add to their age because they are ignorant of the fact that it shouldn’t be.
On the second question why do people reduce their age? I will say this is the mani koko lot of people have reduced and many people are still reducing it. I can say that I know a lot of people due to employment opportunities and other things. I remembered a time in Nigeria when the Nigeria Football Association were recruiting players for either the U-20 football team. I can’t remember precisely which of the Nigeria football team. Alot of Nigerians were said to have reduced their age.
So right now in my own view for any reason one shouldn’t add or reduce their age, forging age or any docunment is wrong, it is a sin.
There was a story I read about a woman, this woman along with few other ladies applied for a Job, though the qualification for the Job stated that the applicant must be between the age of 20 – 25 unfortunately for the ladies they were 2 to 4 years older, the other ladies reduced their age but this lady didn’t reduce her age she was seen as stupid and someone who wasn’t smart but this Lady told herself that for no reason would she forge or reduce her age, other ladies forged their age and the truth was they got but within the space of two months they were sacked and the other lady that didn’t forge her age oc of employment opportunity was called upon for the job.
That’s the way it should be. I see it that it is only if one is ashamed of ones age that’s when one will be forced to add/reduce his/her age
Are you ashamed of your age?
Will you for any reason forge your age?
Is it good for one to forge his/her age

I will like to know your opinions and views about this post in the comment section.

Thanks For Reading
All the best


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A Teenage Blogger,Writer and Poet. he loves writings, reading, surfing the internet, researching. He dreams of becoming a communication expert, journalist and a world class writer and poet. He is also always ready to share his knowledge about life with people.

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  1. Your quite right its often down to perception, occasionally down to necessity.
    I’m retired and seventy four. My IQ is about 105 slightly above average.
    I retired at sixty one at first going part time for a year.
    Retirement suited me and Ive read all those books I intended to read years ago. These days I wonder how I ever had time to go to work.


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