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Is Anyone Perfect?

Is Anyone Perfect?

This is the question i do ask myself almost everyday! Am i perfect? Is anyone perfect? To me we are all human beings who make mistakes. We are not perfect, we all have our flaws and weakness.
The saying ”Know one is perfect has being the word many use as excuse whenever they do what is wrong, but the truth still remains that because know one is perfect shouldn’t make one do silly mistakes.
I once asked someone this question can we human beings be perfect and his reply was yes! I then asked him how and what was his prove that human beings could be perfect. He then went into the bible where it was written
”Be ye perfect as i am perfect” in some other bible versions it is ”Be ye Holy as i am Holy”. Am not saying he was wrong neither am I saying he was right! I then went ahead to ask him that does this now mean human beings could be perfect he said yes because Jesus had already said it that we should be perfect as he is perfect.
Readers this post took me time to write because i had to do some thinking. am not against the bible and am not trying to change the words of the Bible to fit my unbelief but doing a wishful thinking no human being is perfect. Jesus said we should be perfect but i want to tell you there is hardly any perfect person on earth. Jesus said we should be perfect as he is perfect but i want to ask can you be perfect through your own power and might, can you be holy through your own power and might? We all are who we are today through the power and grace of God. It is only the grace of God that we can live a perfect and holy life. The fact that one becomes born again doesn’t mean the person is perfect!
Since it is God who helps one live a perfect life i don’t see the reason anyone would open his or her mouth and say i am perfect,i don’t make mistakes.
Remember we are all mortal beings, we sin but because we know we aren’t perfect doesn’t mean we should sin today and ask God for forgiveness, the same thing tomorrow and then say God understands he knows we are not perfect. We should all strive to leave a life that pleases God by taking a great advantage on our strength.
Know one can be perfect by his/her own power and no human being is perfect coz we all have made mistakes in time past. All we need is to always ask God for his grace to live a sin free life.
I remembered reading the novel Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
Uncle Eugene the father of Jaja and Kambili he wanted his children to live a perfect life which was not possible he was a very violent man who will always beat and maltreat his children all in the name of perfectness even his wife Aunty Beatrice also had her own share of the maltreament. I remembered while reading this novel i said to myself Uncle Eugene who wants his family to be perfect is he perfect? Because someone who claims to be perfect won’t be violent, heartless and wicked.
What happened in that family is happening in some families of today. Some fathers and mothers would always flog their children for any single mistake they make forgettig their children are who they are and nobody else, forgetting human beings have their own weakness.
I hate the so called perfect people because they make me feel like am a nobody, they make feel unwanted,they make me see myself as the most imperfect person in the whole universe.
I also remember the real life experience a friend of mine told me.
He said some time ago his parent told him to go and live with his Uncle and Aunty because of the family financial status. So on getting to the house my friend Jude who happens to be a very hardworking and intelligent person but living with his uncle and aunt it was like he knew nothing he said his uncle and aunty always made him hate himself for his weakness, they will always talk and talk that he couldn’t do this and that forgetting know one knows aall forgetting we are all humans with flaws he said that there was nothing he did that they won’t complain about. It was as of they wehre deliberately picking on him. The work he should do his aunt would have woken up so early to do it. So him waking up he won’t see anything to do he said it really affected him and he decided to leave their house and go back to his parent.
He said after some weeks his so called perfect uncle and aunty called him that he should come back to their house that they could see the impact of his stay in their house. That’s life for you we should all be ourselves. The person God made us to be we know we can’t be perfect through our own power but by the grace of God we all have our differences what am good at doing. You may not be good at it so if we are saying we are perfect that means we don’t have any weakness and also we know all.
I will end here saying Know one can be perfect but one can be near perfectness. the perfectness Jesus was talking about was about spiritual perfectness but, the truth still remains that it is only through God’s grace.
Let us all be patient, loving,caring,truthful,faithful and i guess with that we would be near perfectness.
I hope i made sense coz i just wrote down some wishful thinking.
Thanks for reading

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A Poem:Lack Of Knowledge

Lack Of Knowledge

Today, knowledge has power. It contains access to opportunity and advancement.
Peter Drucker

The possession of a perfect knowledge of your business is an absolute necessary in order to ensure success.
-P.T Barnum

One of the largest sources of power today is derived from specialized knowledge.
-Anthony Robbins & Joseph Mc McClendon

We are living in a world where knowledge is very important but yet a lot of people still lack knowledge. Knowledge is the foundation for development. Knowledge is power. To continue to grow in life one needs knowledge. We all need the knowledge of God in life to make a difference in life. One thing we all need to know that the source of knowledge we are operating on will determine whether one will be developed or underdeveloped.
Our source of knowledge is very important we should be careful of the information we allow into our lives.
Knowledge does a lot of good to one
1. Knowledge promotes.
2. Knowledge gives confidence.
3. Knowledge brings exploits in life.
4. Knowledge brings distinction.
5. Knowledge brings deliverance.
6. Knowledge helps one act wisely.
7. Knowledge makes a difference on ones life.
But despite all this lots of people still lack knowledge, lot of people are deformed.
Knowledge is power and it is very bad for one to lack knowledge.
I decided to write a poem on lack of knowledge read and learn!

The lack of knowledge
A lot of people lack knowledge
Even the bible proves it
My people perish because of lack of knowledge.

We need the right knowledge
We got to be knowledgeable to have a responsible life
A lot are ignorant of knowledge

A lot do evil due to lack of knowledge
A lot have know one to correct them
Even those who have one to correct them hardly heed to correction.
Knowledge is power!

Experience is the best teacher
We got to learn from the mistakes of others
Only a fool would want to make all the mistakes his!
Knowledge, knowledge here and there.

Many people are fed with junk facts
And they claim to knowledgeable
Why do you think people pray for knowledge
Knowledge is very important in the life of man

We got to learn the right way
Learn the right principles
If you are not informed you will be deformed
Oh knowledge where art thou

How i wish human’s head could be broken to put in knowledge
Lack of Knowledge kills
While having knowledge restores
Some of our leaders lack knowledge to lead right
Thats why we need the will of God to prevail

Parent need to impact knowledge to their children
Teachers need to impact knowledge to students/pupils
Pastors need to impact knowledge to their congregation
The media need to impact knowledge to the masses

Beware of those who spread rumours, wrong information
They are many around
Hold on to the true fact.
Believe the truth, say the truth and you shall be saved.

I need knowledge, you need knowledge
To live a wise responsible life
Knowledge, Knowledge, man cry for you from time to time.

I believe in Divine Knowledge
I believe in right information
Knowledge is power
Get knowledge, Get wisdom and you get wealth.

Truly people die due to lack of knowledge.

Thanks for reading.

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Pride and Its Victims: Is Pride A Good Thing?

Pride& Its Victims: Is pride a good thing?

A proud man is always looking down on things and people and of course as long as you are looking down you can see something above you. C.S. Lewis.

I Hate Pride and its victims

As a growing up child have always mingled myself with friends who are fond of saying am proud of myself, have mingled myself with people who are proud but they never know they are proud. Reaching a certain age in my life, i came to realise that pride isn’t a good thing and it is the root of all evil.
The truth is most proud people never know they are proud. They always fail to realise it. I have hated pride and its victims
I hate people who brag about their wealth to make people feel intimidated because they are not going to take that wealth along with them when they die.

I hate people who brag about their intelligence because they are never the first person to be intelligent and after their demise the intelligence is gone.

I detest people who brag about their beauty. The truth is they will die and be buried

I hate people who brag about their achievement because if not for God will they be able to achieve.

so what are they bragging for all we have, who we are is through the grace of God, so what are we bragging for.
Let me share with you guys a story that happened while in secondary school.
While i was still in secondary school there was this guy who was just so proud i really disliked this guy. This guy happened to be from a very wealthy home, he happened to be brilliant and intelligent and also he was a tall and handsome guy. So this things made the guy proud. I coming from an humble home, i was just myself though i had high self esteem but i will say through God’s help i was able to caution myself not to be proud.
On a daily basis this guy will always come to class bragging about this and that he always so we the other boys in class has a nobody who do make us laughing stock but we never minded him.
Will i say that this guy was so proud at a very tender age that whenever we where on the assembly this guy will always feel to big to pray to God whenever we are being told to pray this guy will begin to murmur.
One day i tried calling this guy to advise him but guys you need to see how this guy looked at me from head to toe was as if i was a nobody not only that he called me names and walked out of my presence will i say that i was so embarrased but i left everything into God’s hand.
There wasn’t a day in class that this guy won’t show off. Also on this fateful day, our teacher came to class to teach us so she then asked a question which none of us got she then flogged us for not getting the answer you need to see the utterances that came out of this guy’s mouth, our teacher out of anger really flogged him that mark was on his body.
The next dat he brought his parent to school and unfortunately our teacher was sacked.
But on this fateful day has the saying goes ”Pride goes before a fall” we where in class when the news spread spread in the school that charles parent had died in a ghastly motor accident and their properties had been gutted down by fire.
Charles cried and weeped unfortunately for him on his way gong homr he also had an accident where he broke on of his leg.
Charles was now really ashamed of himself. It was later that an elderly man in thier family said his parrent’s death, the property loss and his broken leg all happened because of their pride.
Pride goes before a fall.
God decided to punish them severely for their pride.
All he was using to show off and barg was now gone.

Can we now see that pride is not a good thing.
It is the root of all evil. The truth still remains that there will be a certain stage in our lives whereby we would have achieved somethings in life and because of what we have achieved we will begin to feel proud.
Pride is evil, i can say that pride happened to be the first sin. It was pride that made lucifer see himself as equal with God. But we all know the after effect of hid pride.
Most of us are too proud to ask people for assistance when the need be,deep down our heart God will be telling us to ask for the help but that feeling of pride wouldn’t let us do the right thing.
In the bible in proverbs 8:13 The bible says ”The fear of the lord is hatred of evil, pride and arrogance and evil behaviour and perveted speech i hate.
Pride brings disgrace but humility brings wisdom.
Never be proud.
You will always see people as a nobody if you are proud. You will always want to feel important.
Let me quickly share with you guyz ways to know if you are proud.
1. A proud person is always envious and jealous.
2. A proud person feels sad whenever another person is given attention than him/her.
3. A proud person won’t be able to take criticism
4. A proud person will always feel big to say sorry.
5. A proud person we always be happy about the downfall of others

Let me also share with you the after result of pride.
1. Jealousy
2. Impatience
3. Unforgiveness
4. Inability to take criticism
5. Lack of sensitivity for others
6. Selfishness
7. Anger and Hatred

Pride isn’t a good thing and i hate it doesn’t pay at all to be proud detest from being proud today.
Though it isn’t easy but you need to pray to God in prayer to make you humble and also have the love of God in your heart.

Question: Have you ever look down on someone?
Have you ever felt to big to apologise for your wrong doing?

I hope i made sense and i hope as from now on we will always be cautious of pride we won’t handle pride with levity.
God bless you all
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My Opinions and Thoughts on Pre-Marital Sex

My Opinion and Thoughts on Pre –Marital Sex

As a teenager who is fond of surfing the internet for information, Knowledge and many more, I have come to find out that there are a lot of people who are curious about sex; there are a lot of agencies spreading a big lie that there is no big deal in premarital sex, but God sees a big deal in it, I see a big deal in it, other great minds see a big deal in it and I believe you also see a big deal in it!
Due to my last research on the net I was inspired to write this post My Opinion and Thoughts on Pre-marital Sex. There is a lot of danger in premarital sex this I will shed light on in this Post; I will also shed light on the consequences, the will of God on it, the causes and many more.
Firstly how do I define Pre- Marital Sex?
I define pre-marital sex as the relation and intercourse between two or more people who are not in any way married to each other due to sheer ignorance, peer group influence, curiosity and many more.
I see to it that many are naïve and ignorant of pre marital sex that’s why they engage themselves in it not knowing that they are gradually destroying their future and destiny.
Also Satan has being various vices to lead men and women away from God and leading them into pre- marital Sex, Satan has also being using popular culture to lead men and women away from the truth.
Most people don’t even the meaning of pre-marital sex. You may say it is a lie but that is the truth
Some people at the age of 15, 16 have started engaging themselves in illicit sex e.g. gay, lesbianism, prostitution etc.
Am not in any way a supporter of Pre-Marital I don’t see anything good in it, some people also was not that it was curiosity, ignorance t hat led them to it but rather some of them were forced to have pre-marital sex . That is what is called RAPE
In my Religion which is Christianity, the bible tells us in 1corinthians 6:18-20 that “Don’t be immoral in matters of sex, that is a sin against your body in a way that no other sin is, you surely know that your body is a temple where the holy spirit lives, his spirit is in you and is a gift from God you are no longer your own. God paid a great price for you, so use your body to honour.
We should raise up our voices and tell the truth about sex.
Our media agencies are not helping matters at all. There are lot of sex appeal materials on the net, some with Nollywood things that corrupt the soul, also with pornography ,there are lot of porn materials out there and when we the youth see the materials we are eager to read them, watch them and out of curiosity practice what they have read and watched.
Also our community and environment are also causes of Pre – Marital sex some of our youths are living in areas where there are no street moral values places like ghetto/slums, in most areas. Pre-Marital sex are very rampant in such areas
God’s View on it
God is greatly against pre-marital sex and all those who fear God will flee from it. It is a great sin to involve oneself in premarital sex. In the bible God has warned us to flee from youthful lust. You will greatly annoy God to involve yourself in pre marital sex. What God doesn’t like don’t like it.
Let me go to the consequences of Pre-Marital Sex
Health consequences
1. Pre-Marital Sex leads to pregnancy risks and abortion.
2. Pre-Marital sex increases the risk of cervical cancer among young women who engage in sex with partners.
3. Pre-Marital sex can result in sexually transmitted disease. E.g. HIV, Hepatitis B. etc.
4. Pre – Marital sex can result in sexual dysfunction for males.
5. Pre-marital sex like rape, gay, lesbianism etc can also lead to brain damage

Social and Physical Consequences
1. Pre – Marital Sex makes one lose his/her reputation in the society
2. Pre-Marital sex victims are less happy in marriage and are more prone to divorce.
3. Pre-Marital Sex tends to habit forming.
4. It kills vision
5. One will lose ones respect in the sight f people.
6. Pre-Marital sex result in light-to severe feelings of guilt.
7. It arrests young people psychological, social and academic development
8. It leads t premature parenthood
9. The fact that one is no longer a virgin will lead to a big shame on the person.

Spiritual Consequences
1. It is a sin- The bible have said it in 1Thessalonians 4:13 that one should abstain from fornication
2. It leads to more sin- Pre marital sex also leads to abortion, sale of babies.
3. It leads to an ungodly soul tie between the partners of premarital sex.
4. It fragmentize ones soul
5. It draws one away from God.

Having seen the consequences let me go to what I think can solve the problem.
1. To avoid the consequences and dangers f premarital sex one must abstain from it.
2. Disassociate oneself from negative peer group.
3. Never stay idle because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop
4. Be cautious of the type of films you watch
5. Make your Bible your companion.

In conclusion never you allow yourself to be fooled by any one most especially my fellow teeanagers never allow yourself to be gullible to anyone who says there is not going to be any after effect of pre-marital sex always shun every lustful thought from the devil, because your life is precious don’t destroy it with your own hands and also don’t let anyone destroy it for you
Always report every man or woman that tries t involve you in any form of pre-marital sex
Flee from the devil
Also our media agencies need to stop the broadcasting of sexual appeals that corrupt the soul
Wait for your time, wait till your wedding night, guard your heart.

I hope I made sense. I hope have touched some one’s life with my Opinion and thought on Pre-marital sex.
Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.
Thanks for reading
God bless you.

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Verbal Dynamite

verbal dynamite

Verbal Dynamite.

”Even truthful words can damage other people”.

”The word that comes out of your mouth also defines who you are”

Today I was inspired to share this post with you guys due to what I encountered during this past week.
On a daily basis we all talk but do we ever weigh and think of what we say before pouring them out?
I believe there is a lot of wrong in talking even though you do not actually lie, words can make and mar a person.
There are lot of saucy and rude people out there, who just talk and speak to people anyhow.
No matter who the person you are speaking with his, no matter the person’s societal class, i believe you shouldn’t talk to people anyhow, you must carefully select your words before saying them. because people got feeling, emotions. The fact know one is perfect doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn how to speak.
Words are important, the same way they are also dangerous.
Let us not also forget that when we speak the truth as best as we can, we are adding to the healing energy of the universe

Let me briefly share with you a life experience on the importance and dangers of words.

A friend of mine once shared a story with me.
The gentle guy who happened to be a victim of the dangers of words was a young ambitous, who was already in his 300 level as an accounting student has an issue with another guy who was also in his 300 level
On this fateful the duo both had an argument whereby they both exchanged words with each other. The latter the young 300 level accounting student called the former dangerous names and also cursed him that has he was going he was going to be involved in a fatal accident which was so. Though the later just said this words out of sheer ignorance. The truth was he never knew what he said could come to pass he just said it out of anger and ignorance and unfortunately what he said came to pass.
One thing we need to know is that our tongue is powerful. We shouldn’t just speak for speaking sake
Had it being the latter knew what he said will come to pass he wouldn’t have said it.

Another story which i witnessed is about the importance of words. This was discouraged and had aleeady losed all hope. She was about doing something outrageous to herself when this young man came to her rescue advising her and encouraging her that when there is life there is hope. The words of this young man touched the lady and changed her life. Now the lady is now a multi -millionaire all through the words from a stranger.

Reading through proverbs in the bible i have learnt a lot. That there is lot of right ways to speak, wrong ways to speak And many more.
Everyone should no that the tongue has the power of life and death
Words like gossip separate friends and leads to unnecessary fights and arguments.
The fact is a righteous man doesn’t speak anyhow, is mouth is fountain of life. But a wicked man words is full of violence.
When one speak well and wisely . You are respected but when you just speak anyhow people will see you as a nobody and a fool.
Talking anyhow can spoil the name one has managed to build for years.
In the bible it says in proverbs 15:4 that
”The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life but a deceitful tongue rushes the spirit.
If you lack Understanding there is high possibility that you speak anyhow because an understanding God is dangerous You readings this presently may be saying know one is perfect yes know one is perfect. Even me myself wrting this post have said some certain words in the past which i wished i could unsay but it was never possible the deed has being done and that is the main reason i decided to share this post with you guys
The truth also is that if we fear God our words will be carefully weighed before speaking.
The right way to speak is speaking in love, in good cheer, gently etc.
Lots of people give excuses that it was due to the reaction or behaviour of someone that made them just talk violently.
But i will always say that you own your life so you should never allow people’s behaviour, words, actions affect you negatively.

A lot of people today are regretting because they have said words which they shouldn’t have said.
Nigerians are always fond of saying that most Ibadan indigenes do not know how to speak but i will always ask myself is it only Ibadan IndIgenes.
Speaking well is a skill and a talent which can only be found with understanding and wise men . We all have our life to leave we should always learn to control out tongue
Learn now before it is to late.

I then decided to add a poem to this article
Verbal Dynamite.

I am an human being, i speak and hear
I have being taught on the right way to speak

I know words can make and mar ones
But due to my imperfectness which i can never be perfect i still live myself a victim of verbal dynamite.

Words should be carefully weighed before spoken.
Thought of before action
because at the end if you speak violently you will regret it.

But if you speak good you will love yourself and earn the repeat of people
People love those who speak wisely and not those who speak foolishly.

Foolish words and gossip can separate friends
I also won’t forget that the words i use to describe others make sharp you-turns
My judgments, criticisms and compliment boomerang back to me
What am saying about others am also saying about myself.
Be careful of how you speak
Be cautious of words
And at the end don’t forget i didn’t tell you.

Verbal Dynamite.

Have you said anything recently that you wished you could unsay?
What are those living words you have spoken lately.
Thanks for reading
God bless you.

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Written By Samuel Olwatimilehin (Timzy wonderz)

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