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Live it Right

Live It Right

It is a new year
A new month
A new year when you make resolutions that won’t last a week
A new year when you set goals and to do list
But my own advice is let live it right

Everyone strives to be the best they can be! I know, but many aren’t living it right
You want to have a wonderful year?
But you don’t know how to make it possible?
Live it right

You set resolutions but it doesn’t last a week?
You are not doing it right!
When you do the right thing’ when you live it right
Your resolutions will last the whole year
Be realistic
Be smart
Make it a habit
Make small resolutions, that are attainable and livable

Live it right
Live life right
It is a new year live it right
Learn from your past mistakes
Be wise

How do you live it right
Be peaceful, Be joyful, Be happy, Be wise, Be smart, Be careful, Be willing and obedient and commit everything into God’s hands

My friend, live it right
Thread the road of life gently and wisely
Do the right thing at the right time
Be at the right place at the right time
Live it right

With your family live it right
With your friends live it right
With strangers live it right
With yourself live it right

Discuss important things
Avoid frivolities live it right

To the government
Fulfil your promises
Listen to public opinions
Accept constructive criticism
Make Nigeria a better and right place to be

To the church
Preach more about the end time
Make the church a place God can say

To you
let make the world a better place to live in
Play your own part in development of this country
Be a giver
make a difference
Touch and impact lives
When we live it right, the world will be a better place
So let’s live it right
Live 2016 right.


© 2016 Timzywonderz




Talent,everyone got Talent
I got talent and you got talent
No one on earth without a Talent
God never created anyone without a Talent
Even some are multi-talented

One is wrong to say I don’t have a Talent
Though it may see difficult for some to discover their talent
But if one sure prays God will show you your Talent
Lot discover their Talent by natural abilities

I have a talent and you have also
Some have the talent of writing, singing, drawing and many more
Have discovered my natural abilities
I have discovered what will help me in fulfiling my destiny

Talent is synonymous to aptitude, skill, flair, passion

Why are we humans always choosing the wrong path?
Why are we always taking the thread that won’t let us live a fulfilled life
But I know the answer, it is because we ignore our talents

Talent, Talent, Talent I say
Why are humans running away from you?
Talent answers, humans think I won’t help them in life, they feel am not important, they feel they don’t have me, they feel it will be a difficult and wrong choice to use me

You got a talent and you discovered yours?
Good of you
Keep developing your talent
And I assure you heaven will be your limit

Talent, Talent
You can sing, develop it
You can write, develop it
You can draw, develop it
You can design, develop it
develop your talents

Your talent is what doesn’t give you stress to do
It is what you can do easily without sweat

Talent, Talent
Am developing mine! What about you?
Have you discovered yours
Talent, Talent, Talent
How great thou art!

The Love God has for Us

The Love God has For Us

I sit down and say to myself
Despite my unfaithfulness He saved my soul
Despite my shortcomings He loved me still
Despite my wrongdoings He is there for me
And I say to myself the love he has for me…

The love God has for us
Though we sin he still loves us
They say He is a jealous God
A jealous God He is indeed
He expect us to reciprocate his Love

God really loves us, that He doesn’t want the death of a sinner but repentance
A merciful God He is
A gracious God He is
He sent His only begotten so to die for our sins
God loves me and Also loves you

He is never ashamed of us
He is always there to defend us while we do otherwise
A Loving one He is

He says to us come unto me
All ye that Labour and heavy laden
And i shall give you rest!
The love God has for us
Do you reciprocate the love?

We love the things of the world more than Him
Despite His love for us
We humans are heartless
We are desperately wicked

The love God has for us!
Who are we? Just to reciprocate His love?
We fool ourselves not Him
The Love God has for us
That love he has for me

Hope it isn’t to late to say Happy New Month to you all.
Happy new month and Happy christmas In advance
God almighty will grant unto us all our Heart desires.
We are now in the last month of the year
Why not stop what you are doing and appreciate God for His guidance and protection, For His mercy that endureth forever.The Love God has for us is more than we can imagine.


The Beautiful Damsel with No character

A Poem: The Beautiful Damsel with no character

Sitting at the verandah
Looking up unto the sky
Relaxing in the cool evening
To receive some fresh breeze

I saw a beautiful damsel
I saw her and I was overwhelmed
Have never seen a beautiful damsel like her before
Then I saw her approaching the house
I made up my mind that I will go and approach Her

But in some few minutes still at the verandah
I saw her naked, fighting with a pepper seller
Hurling abusive words at the woman

I wanted to go settle the fight
But my friend told me not to
He said she is the beautiful damsel with no character
He said she was trained but didn’t receive training.

Then came to my mind was the saying
True beauty is not facial looks but character
True beauty lies in the character

Many of the beautiful damsel with no character are out there deceiving men
They are the beautiful damsel with no character
You will see them on the street
And it will be like you haven’t seen a beautiful damsel before
But you need to know they are beautiful damsels with no character

They will be the talk of the town
Every woman talking about them
Even the men talking about them
The young and old talking abouting them
Coz they are the beautiful damsels with no character

They are not to be approached
Approach them and receive your doom

They are many, many out there
They are the beautiful damsels with no character
The beautiful damsel with no character they are indeed!

Have a beautiful day ahead
Love you all

The Law of Nature

The Law Of Nature

God loves us all and he nevers wants us to perish. I do say that if those who do evil ever think and know that they will surely be a consequences of their action they will never do evil.
A lot of people do evil without thinking of the consequences, they forget the law of naure will prevail. They forget nemesis will catch up with all evil doers. That’s why i wrote this poem so the ignorant, the evil doers will know that the law of nature will catch up with them if they don’t stop doing evil and also correct their ways.

Ah the law of nature!
What’s the law of nature?
Have you heard of the law of nature?
The law of nature will surely prevail

The law of nature will surely catch up with all who violate the law
Beware of the law
Nemesis will catch up will all who do bad

There is always a consequence for all evil action
The wages of sin is death
Beware of doing evil
Think twice before taking a decision

The law of Nature!
No matter how long you hide
No matter all long you run all you evil doers
The law of nature will catch up with you!

The law of Nature
If you break the law you will pay for it
A word is enough for the wise
All who love their life will hear and obey

Never do evil coz the law of nature will evil
The law of nature

All the best
Enjoy the rest of your day.

Bolu Akindele

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