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Another christmas

Another Christmas

Another christmas we have here again
We are celebrating the birth of our lord Jesus christ
The prince of peace who came to this world to die for our sins
Our personal lord and saviour
He is a Holy nation, The second person in trinity

For to us a child was born
And unto us a son is given
And his name shall be called
Wonderful counsellor, mighty God, everlasting father. These are His names

Indeed it is another christmas
We are celebrating and jubilating
There will be lot of wineing and dining
There will be lot of gifts shared
The most celebrated festival in the world has come

The angels are singing and clapping their hands for another christmas
The birth of our lord Jesus christ
Oh! What a wonderful christmas we have here again
Indeed there are shouts of joy, it’s a great joy to the world

It’s time for us to worship and adore him
Another christmas, another christmas
Lets clap our hands for another christmas
For a saviour has been born
All over the world His birth is celebrated
Am so happy, so glad coz the saviour has been born in bethlem

What a great festival to be celebrated
Coz it is another christmas
Annd the king of kings His born
Indeed it’s another christmas

P.S This poem was drafted during last year’s christmas. It is not a recent poem.

Merry christmas to you, have a wonderful celebration


Do hooligans and thugs have a future?

Do Hooligans and Thugs have a future?

Am a believer that there is know one who can’t make it in life. Am also a believer that everyone has a future, not just a future but a bright future. Regardless of whom you are, a murderer, an area boy, a thief, an armed robber and an hooligan. You still have a future.

Long before I do shake my head whenever I see area boys, hooligans, thugs. I see them as irresponsible human beings. As people who just don’t have plans for their lives but this Idealogy had changed longtime ago even as a teenager.

I know of lot of people who ended their lives as conductors, area boys due to all forms of circumstances, I know that lots of people will say that most of this conductors, hooligans, area boys, thugs are who they are, where they are due to lack of home training, reckless living, negative peer group influence and even due to lack of education. Yes it is true, some of this hooligans, thugs are who they are because of the above factors, but one thing lot of people have come to mistaken is that this people don’t have future, this people will end up living a reckless and useless life, truth is this people are a nuisance to the society but this article is treating the aspect that says ”Do they have a future?”.

Am not a supporter of thugs and hooligans but have come to realise that most of this hooligans, thugs, area boys went to secondary school and some even attained first degree in the university yet they ended up as hooligans, thugs and a nuisance to the society.

Have we ever asked ourselves if this people have a future? You may say what’s your business but as a patriotic citizen of this country, as a person who claims to make a change, someone who wants to change and touch lives, also have to put in mind the future of this thugs and hooligans. I must say that this country won’t change and won’t overcome the various challenges we are facing if the hooligans and thugs are not wiped out. Wiped out in the sense that this hooligans themselves become a changed person, a useful and relevant person to the society. I don’t totally agree in the fact when hooligans and thugs arrested there will be an end to hooliganism. No, rather there will be an increase. Come to think of it using the Boko Haram sect in Nigeria as an example though this sect are terrorist but we can say that thousands of them have being killed and some have being arrested but as that put an end to terrorism in Nigeria? Rather there is an increase in their violent ways. What we need is not only the arresting and killing of this people but also a change of orientation.

So back to where am going to, do hooligans and thugs have a future? My answer to this is Yes they still have a future. They are same humans with you and I, they were created by God with a purpose. But most of them have failed to realise this. I will say that I don’t blame this people for their way of life, rather the government, the society, parents, schools where this set of people came from. I also blame it on the lack of true education. Most of them are victims and products of broken homes, damaged society, negative peer pressure etc. The simple truth is that most of this hooligans and thugs had know one to advise them, they had know one to tell them that what you are doing is wrong, what you are doing is bad. Most of them are Ignorant of the fact that their way of life is leading them to destruction if they don’t change for good.
The point am buttresing is that we should stop seeing looking at hooligans as irresponsible people, as failures, useless people. this people are also where they are because of people like you and I have failed to reach them and advise them.

Most of this people are doing what they are doing due to poverty, they have failed to think of legal and better ways to survive in life but rather they become hooligans and thugs. They are in financial bondage and this is because they are ignorant. You and I have failed to reach this people. I can say that most of them don’t even like their way of life, but they don’t know how to go about it. That is where you and I have work to do.

For christ sake this people have a future, they can become better citizens, they can be useful to the society, they can make an impact, they have a future!

Don’t be suprised that some ex-hooligans and thugs became a changed person and some then becaome governors, some CEO’s of companies etc. So stop degrading and start sharing the love to this people, sit this people down and prayerfully advise them.
If you are not financially handicapped help them financially. Some of them are thugs and hooligans due to poverty.

Share the love, touch lives. Hooligans and thugs have a future.

Thanks for reading.

Think Wisdom

A smart man makes a mistake, learns from
it, and never makes that mistake again. But
a wise man finds a smart man and learns
from him how to avoid the mistake
altogether. -Roy H. Williams

Instant Miracles and Curses on Facebook and whatsapp

The Instant Miracles and Curses on Facebook And Whatsapp

Am quite sure we all would have come across such messages promising one instant miracles and also curses. It is not a thing of suprise to us all I believe. So am sharing this post with you because most of us have given ourselves to be victims of such fake instant miracles and curses that will never come to pass. Yes those curses can never come to pass in your life believe it or not. It can’t come to pass. Such message are originally written by jobless people and then spreaded by the ignorant.

I don’t know when commenting on useless messages will put an end to the problem one is facing. The message that once frightened me and got me given to such useless message was the one of Late Carmen winstead, the girl who according to what I read was killed by a geoup of friends first seeing the message I was frightened. You can google search the name Carmen Winstead and you will understand why I said I was frightened. At first I didn’t believe until I searched google out of curiosity if it was true or not so out of foolish and stupid fear I forwarded the message. Who won die! But I later I came to realise that nothing of such can happen to me and after I found out that some of my friends who were also sent the message but ignored it are still alive the curse promised to people who ignored the message never came to pass, but i just wonder why someone will just sit down and write such fake and useless message promising one curses if one ignores such message.

I was sent a message yesterday on whatsapp seeing the message I just Ignored it how will you tell me that if I ignore a message I will suffer for the rest of my life this is grave stupidity. I don’t when people will wise up and do something creative and better with their life than sending such useless messages.

Someone sends a message to me telling me God said you should send the message and if I ignore it this and this would happen to me. Please can someone tell me when God started forcing one to serve him, when did God start sending message to people on whatsapp and facebook. God doesn’t force one to serve. You still have the right to exercise your choice If you like serve God, if you like don’t. Though you know the right thing to do and that is for you to serve God but one thing I know for sure is that God almighty cannot start cursing you or forcing you to serve Him. It is just not possible.

For christ sake Nigerians should not be gullible, stop sending such message. If you see such message just Ignore it. Don’t be frightened and be forced to send the message.
Two months back on facebook I saw a message saying if I ignore the message I will die and also lose me mum. My friend I gnored this message and am still alive, my mum is still alive. The funniest thing about such message is that you will read that three people who Ignored this message, that failed to forward the message are dead and you will be frightened and fooled to send this message. My friend STOP IT. Bt what I have not come to understand is what the people that originally wrote the message stand to gain.
Apart from this curses, some other set of people will send to you If you forward this message that contract you are waiting for, that job you are searching for, that exam you are about to write .. You will succeed in it if you forward the message. One thing I want to ask is that If I don’t forward this message what will happen to me?

I just think it is enough, the people writing this should just put an end to it and the ignorant, frightened ones who are sending this message should wise up and stop forwarding such message.
To those writing this if you are jobless go look for job and stop sending such messages and using God’s name in vain

Have said my piece

Thanks for reading
Kindly forward to your friends who are also ignorant about It

Do great minds think alike?

Do Great Minds Think Alike?

In my state of confusion and eagerness to learn and get enlightened, I had to ask two awesome personality which I so much respect and see as wise fellows, This fellows are indeed blessed with God’s wisdom.

Do great minds think alike? They both gave me an answer but one was able to shed more light on the saying.
The first person I asked was Soul’e Rhymez a world class writer and founder of True education Campaign. He really shed more light to the saying do great minds think alike. He said
Great minds think alike but the great there is relative, so the relativity determines the alikeness. So after sharing my own view he further went on to explain that
Greatness is relative but only one matters and that’s the one nurtured by ambvision.
You can’t have everyone agree to what you do but you can look for people that believe in the same course.

This to me shed more light to the question correctly.

While the second awesome personality replied me saying
Great Minds don’t think alike all the time
This answer which was in line with my thought. Before asking this great people I had concluded already that great minds don’t think alike all the time. But in order to be sure I had to ask them coz they are more wiser and experienced than I am.

My own view on the question was No, due to the fact that we humans have different views, different opinions, different perspective towards issues of life. We tend to see things in different ways and from diiferent angles some think outside the box and others think within the box. so there is no way we humans can think alike, though sometimes we have similar views but not all the time.
I then concluded that the saying great minds think alike should have being Great minds think differently, but respect each others opinions and then reason together, which I guess was on point but Soul’e rhymez view gave a better answer.

You can’t have everyone agree to what you do but you can look for people that believe in the same course. Though I will say this depends on the issue at hand.

Great minds don’t think alike all the time but they are to respect each other’s opinions and reason together. You can also always find people with your same opnions in which you will work together without differences in opinions and achieve greatness.

So what’s your take?
You may still have a different opinions to this question and answers don’t be a stranger. All opinions are respected in here and also remember this is the HOME OF GREAT  MINDS

Thanks for reading
Have a pleasant day ahead

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