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Your Attitude 4


Hi great minds, it is with great love I write to you this afternoon. Here I am again with Your attitudes 4. Yesterday I dropped Your attitudes to your teacher. But today It is
YOUR  ATTITUDES  TO  YOUR  FRIEND which is an excerpt from LIVING  A  LIFE  OF  A  GOOD  STUDENT written by my Humble self.

One thing many don’t know Is that ones attitude to friends also matters in Life. this post though is centered basically on student, teenagers like myself and the youths.

Students attitudes to friends also shows If one is a good student or not.

Someone rightly said ”show me your friend and I will tell you whom you are, some say I will predict your future.

A friend in need is a friend indeed! What type of friend are you? Are you a friend that leads others astray? Are you a friend that plays on your friends intelligence?. Are you a friend that can be trusted?. Are you a friend that shows love and affection? Are you a friend that assist others in the weak areas? Are you a friend……? What kind of friend are you.

A friend is said to be one who knows and likes another person very much.

A student who wants to live a good student life must be a good friend.

”though some friends are closer to one than one’s family” Many today claim to be friends, infact best of friends. But I tend to wonder if they really know what friendship is. A good friend shows love and affection but do we see that in the friendship of today. Does this really exist among friends?

A good student, teenager. Never abuses his or her friends. A good student, teenager would be the one to call his/her friend aside and advise, correct in love.

To be a good student be a good friend, love your friend like yourself and never let them down and with that you are working towards being a good student.

That above is the attitude you should towards your friend an attitude of love and not of hate.

Many friends exist today but how many of the friends today are godly, how many of the friends of today wish their fellow friends good and not evil?

Thanks for reading today’s Your attitude an excerpt from LIVING  A  LIFE  OF  A  GOOD  STUDENT. To get the series of LIVING  A  LIFE  OF  A GOOD  STUDENT contact +2348173611813

Much Love
Samuel P. Oluwatimilehin

Magnificent Minds Transformers International




Happy Tuesday Great youths,teenagers and students it is with great joy in my heart I write to you the Part 2 of Your Attitudes
Like I said in Your attitude -1 there are certain attitude on must have to things as student, youth, teenagers.

The one that I will write on today Is:                      Your Attitude to Your Books

What kind must one have to his/her books?
A positive attitude. have answered that for you. An attitude of always being ready to learn and read.

Someone rightly said ”The Books you read and the people you move around with will determine your success in the next five years.
As a youth, teenager, student our books should also be our best friend and even one of our topmost priority. We should be studious, ever learning. We are to set time to read our books on a daily basis. Not only academic books, but also books that will edify, promote and impact positively into our lives. As a student it is not until examination we are to commit ourselves to reading our books.

Ben Carson said ”If we commit ourselves to reading thus increasing our knowledge only God limits how far we can go in this world”

In order to be a successful youth, teenager, student. Our attitude towards books must be on a high side. A brilliant student ought to take his/her education seriously.

A good student’s books shouldn’t be rough, tattered. We should take care of our books the way we take care of our body. ”Books is one of the ways to success in school. The bible says ”There is time for everything” it shouldn’t be the time we should be reading our books we should be found playing…etc ”Early preparation in all aspects of life helps a lot” we need time for ourselves, we should know the time to play and the time to read our books.

Above all In order for one to live a life of a good youth, teenagers, student. One must have a good attitude, thinking habit to his/her books.

Hope you enjoyed today’s part of Your attitude. By God’s grace tomorrow another attitude to a certain thing will be treated. God bless you all.

Your attitudes was extracted from LIVING  A  LIFE  OF  A  GOOD  STUDENT SERIES 1 By Samuel Oluwatimilehin to get the series 1 of Living a life of a good student contact +2348173611813

Samuel Paul Oluwatimilehin is a teenager born in the year 2000. A great lover of Jesus christ living under grace. He so much appreciates the fact that he knows God.

Upon discovering His talent he has being writing online and offline. Presently He has taken His writing talent seriously and his bent on using his skills,gifts and talents in making a difference. Just recently an Idea came up and he has formed an Organization named MAGNIFICENT MINDS  TRANSFRORMERS INTERNATIONAL which will start it full operation by God’s Grace on April 20 2016.

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A SOCIETY IN NEED OF TRUE EDUCATION In when education becomes indoctrination,
an essay published by The
Guardian Newspaper on the 3rd and 4thof
November 2015, true education
was defined as: “the development of the mind
and the whole being through learning and putting to work what
was learnt” according to the
writer, truly educated people are said to be:
“people that are
original, resourceful and creative, who dream
dreams and think out of the box to attain their dreams and fulfill their
passions. They are
those that acquire the type of education that
liberate their passions
and help them to reach their set goals…”
In a society where some form of creativities and technicalities are
crippled and relegated because we have been
made to believe only
failures do them.
In a society where a skillful hairdresser is
judged by his/her inability to solve mathematics and young
persons’ intelligence are
judged by their inability to pass universities
entrance examinations.
In a society where only one institution of
learning is recognized; without which we are seen as uneducated.
In a society where eloquence in English and
other foreign languages is
the measure of intelligence and being
university student is the
measure of excellence. How do we acquire true education? We let our brains deep sleep and expect
others to think for us, our
lack of initiative and self-esteem makes us to
believe whatever was
passed down to us by the whites without
checking if they are good for us or not.
How can we be made to believe that out of all
institutions of learning
through which we can be educated and made
relevant in the society,
only one must be recognized? We are like sheep led to slaughter; our
inability to check packages
passed down to us is our vault.
Our problem is not only in the over-
glorification of universities
ahead of other higher institutions of learning, even though it is one
of the most damaging ones. Our major
problem is in our lack of
understanding of what it really means to be
educated. Someone defined
education as equipping people to be relevant in the society thus it
doesn’t matter what type of education you
acquire and where you
acquire it, if it doesn’t make you relevant in
your society, it is a
waste and you need true education. There is no way you will acquire
the type of education that helps to liberate
your passion and achieve
your goals without becoming relevant in the
society. That’s what true
education does. I have been in a church where the pastor
called out the youths for
prayer and the prayer went thus: “among you
we will have doctors,
lawyers, professors, bankers and presidents”
then I wondered what happen to other brown collar jobs like
entertainments, sports, art and
so on. If everyone is the president who will
they preside over? If
everyone is a lawyer who will they defend or
prosecute? If everyone is a professor who will they lecture? Most of the
youths have been made
to believe that the only way they can be seen
as successful is to end
up with white collar jobs and trying to live by
people’s definition of success; they end up with indoctrination
instead of true education.
Education is not only about formal education
and the certificates,
even an illiterate (someone that can’t read and
write) can be seen as truly educated. being educated is not limited
to a type of education
but here we limit being educated to anyone
with formal education alone
and this is why it is difficult to acquire true
education and become a success because when schooling becomes
indoctrination, only the truly
educated folks becomes successful. Some parents pay millions of naira to have
their children in the
university, they think they are giving the best
to their children but
if that isn’t the right education for them, they
have only succeeded in indoctrinating them instead of getting them
true education. It is
disheartening that all the parents does these
days is to make their
children live by their own definitions of
success. They make them acquire the wrong type of education because
they believe that is the
only way they can become successful as the
society makes it look when
they should have studied them, know what
their passions and talents are and give them the type of education that
suits. Some people say no
knowledge is waste and even when it’s
obvious some of them are pure
wastes they still believe in such unverified
saying. If a man goes to school to study a course not patenting to his
passion and never
practice it all his life, is the knowledge waste
or not? Instead of
wasting time acquiring the wrong type of
education, is it not more profitable to acquire the right education? Our society is proliferated with unverified
believes that does not
necessarily add value to us and these makes it
hard for most of us to
have access to true education.
Relegating certain jobs for people we consider failures are the bane
of our society. However, even people that run
away from these jobs
here goes abroad to do what could be
considered worse and when they
return we hail them heroes. The skyrocket level of unemployment here is
due to our unwillingness
to embrace true education.
I struggle to believe that the blacks might
never really overcome
their slave mentality but our lack of self- esteem is the problem, we
need to start taking every job with pride and
respect those that are
involved in them.
The insatiable crave for indoctrination which
we call education here has produced more employees than
employers and without employers,
employees becomes unemployed, perhaps
jobless. This reality is here
with us.
It is in giving true education that people can be deployed instead of
been employed; they become employers of
labour. The number of students graduating from the
universities seeking to be
employed is far higher than the number of
jobs and employers available
in the labour market. Yet each year we have
not less than 1.5 million youths sitting for universities entrance exams,
only to become
graduates and start looking for jobs. We call
that education but if
such can’t add to the values of humanity and
make people relevant in their societies, it is a needless indoctrination.
The problem is our thought pattern; in this
part of the world, if
after secondary school education a boy says
to his parents that he
want to go into music, the parents will chastise him and instead of
sending him to a music school to liberate his
passion and eventually
achieve his goals; they will send him to the
university. The worst is
that, he might not study a course that is music related. Most parents
here lack basic understanding of what it
means to be truly educated.
An uneducated person is the person who
doesn’t know anything about his
life’s visions and goals and how to pursue them; one who does not have
what it takes to succeed in his chosen lifestyle.
Thus one can have
PhD and still be uneducated. It is worrisome, how we lost insights and see
with our mouths in this
part of the world. The so called educated ones
only see under the lens
of the indoctrination they call education. We
glorify English language so much that it has become the measurement
of how educated one is but
we forget that most of the Indians, Lebanese
and other foreigners that
comes to set up companies here and employ
our English speaking graduates, use them, mistreat them and pay
them peanuts can’t speak
English. They acquired true education and
became employers of labour
but we acquired indoctrination and serve
them even in our own land. We are grandiloquently witty-less and it
makes me wonder if we have
brains at all. For instance, someone studied
zoology in the university
and was voted as the president of a nation
because it’s believed he is well educated, in fact more educated than his
predecessors and when he
failed he was blamed. For God sake, what has
zoology got to do with
government? Are we animals that he spent
years studying in the university? That was like trying to judge a fish
by its ability to
climb a tree but that’s exactly what such
indoctrination does. Until we embrace true education, we might
never have a stable,
crime-free and depend-less society. Since
university is the most
respected institution of learning, anyone that
goes there has certain prides and feels there are some jobs they
shouldn’t do as graduates
and if they can’t make ends meet they resort
to crimes. The same goes
to those that are seen as less because they
aren’t graduates; those whose talents are relegated, rendered useless
and non-profitable. We
need to change our mentality and ways of
seeing things. For instance
we call musicians riff-raffs but most of them
are living their dreams and are relevant in the society. Jay-Jay
Okocha and Nwankwo both
Nigerian’s ex-footballers now are now
employers of labour, they employ
graduates in their businesses even though
they aren’t one. What they had was true education and it translated into
success for many to
Until we begin to think outside the box and
not just accept packages
passed down to us by the colonial masters without checking if they are
good for us or not, we will never become a
developed nation. To have a truly educated society, everyone
has great work to do, not
just the government.
The parents must start studying the strengths
and talents of their
children and give them the type of education that can help them
translate into success.
The students in their craving for true
education must understand it is
not all about formal education in the higher
institutions. For literacy sake, it is important for young folks to
have at least
secondary school education after which they
should acquire the type of
education that relates to their passions and
talents. The society as a whole should understand
that no job is for failures,
we must learn to respect people for their
chosen professions.
All professionals, regardless of their fields
must take pride in what they do and not allow people to look down
on them; they should work on
their self-esteem.
Finally, the government should invest in other
institutions of
learning through which people can acquire the type of education needed
for them to be truly educated. Over-
concentration on university
education must be moderated so people can
get the type of education
best for them and not be seen as failures. This essay is an idea of Great_Minds_Initiatives
in support of TRUE
this movement of great
minds; to support or/and sponsor the
initiative, please send “TEC” to +2348163800077 either via WhatsApp or
text message. Thanks. About the writer: Eneji Stephen Toluwalashe popularly known
Soul’e Rhymez is a world-class writer and
motivational speaker who concentrate on
that are seen as “road not taken” such as religion, psychology, philosophy and
education. He
is the founder and chairman of GREAT MINDS
INITIATIVES an NGO that gave birth to TRUE
birthed with an attempt to make education more

Another christmas

Another Christmas

Another christmas we have here again
We are celebrating the birth of our lord Jesus christ
The prince of peace who came to this world to die for our sins
Our personal lord and saviour
He is a Holy nation, The second person in trinity

For to us a child was born
And unto us a son is given
And his name shall be called
Wonderful counsellor, mighty God, everlasting father. These are His names

Indeed it is another christmas
We are celebrating and jubilating
There will be lot of wineing and dining
There will be lot of gifts shared
The most celebrated festival in the world has come

The angels are singing and clapping their hands for another christmas
The birth of our lord Jesus christ
Oh! What a wonderful christmas we have here again
Indeed there are shouts of joy, it’s a great joy to the world

It’s time for us to worship and adore him
Another christmas, another christmas
Lets clap our hands for another christmas
For a saviour has been born
All over the world His birth is celebrated
Am so happy, so glad coz the saviour has been born in bethlem

What a great festival to be celebrated
Coz it is another christmas
Annd the king of kings His born
Indeed it’s another christmas

P.S This poem was drafted during last year’s christmas. It is not a recent poem.

Merry christmas to you, have a wonderful celebration

Think Wisdom

A smart man makes a mistake, learns from
it, and never makes that mistake again. But
a wise man finds a smart man and learns
from him how to avoid the mistake
altogether. -Roy H. Williams

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