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A Proud Past

A Proud Past

It was on a cool and pleasant evening. Mr Folorunsho, an elderly man of respect, a man of high moral standards. A man who strives to be the best of the best, a guardian of many, loved by many, respected by many, he could be said to be the wisest man in his community. The bible says ”See thou a man dilligent in his works, he shall stand before kings and noble men and not mere men, this was the story of Elder Folorunsho, rich and famous men and women do come to him for advice on matters affecting them due to his experience in life Elder Folorunsho after advising them will not collect anything in return indeed he was a man of high moral standard.
This cool and pleasant evening Elder Folorunsho as usual called the children and youth in his neighbourhood for another interesting night tale. Today Mr Folorunsho titled his story ”A Proud Past” he started thus. It was all about a young man born into this world and named Tunde. Tunde was an easy going, gentle boy when he was young and till know he his still a gentle and easy going man. Tunde lost his mother when he was eight years old. So he was brought up by his father’s relative. Tunde was brought up not to love his mother’s family but he didn’t grow up not to love his mother’s relative, he loved and cherished his mother’s family has he loved and cherished his father’s family.
Tunde not having a mother to look after him mingled with bad friends, evil people, people of low moral standard, but he didn’t get influenced , his friends tried all they could to influence him wrongly but it was as if there was a stronghold on Tunde that didn’t make him get negatively influenced. Tunde grew up to be a hardworking, intelligent, easy going person he aimed at having a proud past that he will be able to tell his children. In order to make ends meet Tunde decided to do some little work, though he was paid a meagre amount of money he didn’t complain, he kept on working hard believing one day all will be well.
Oneday an incident happened in Tunde’s place of work, An old man came to buy some materials after buying the materials the old man paid excess of what he bought and also misplaced a chaque of 1.5million naira with his business card. later in the evening when Tunde was doing his calculation of what he sold during the day and also perparing to close for the day he noticed that the old man paid excess and he also found the cheque which the old man forgot. He decided to tell his friend, His friend advised him wrongly, but he thought over over it and decided to reach the old man, there he saw the old man’s business card, He contacted the Old man, the old man was shocked to find his cheque in the hands of Tunde, the oldman was grateful and showed his appreciation by giving Tunde Ten thousand naira, Tunde refused to collect the money telling the man not to worry, the old man kept pressing on that Tunde should collect the money but when he saw that Tunde was adamant he gave Tunde his business card telling him if he needed any help he should contact him. This was the beginning of Tunde’s trial of success.
After some month a group of cultist tried to lure Tunde into joining their group but Tunde thought it was that what was his being a cultist and also being taught in school about the evil of cultism refused to join them and then decided to report the case to the police officers. More and more temptations Tunde faced but didn’t compromise he has determined to live a good life. Weeks after the incident of the cultist trying to lure Tunde into joining their group, unknown to Tunde someone was watching him whenever he faced those challenges, he received a call from the state government and Tunde was honoured and also awarded. The honour of being ”Master of Good moral” Things didn’t stop there for Tunde he received other benefir from God and man, he graduated from secondary school having passed his WAEC in good grades and gained admission into the University, after his four years of learning in the university he bagged a first class degree in Accounting.
The world at Tunde’s feet indeed he had a proud past and a promising tomorrow said Mr Folorunsho, the children were so sober on hearing the story, they thanked Mr. Folorunso for such a wonderful stroy and also made up their mind to live a good life and also aim at having a proud past to tell their children.
Mr Folorunsho urged them all to live by example telling them if they think no one is watching they are deceiving themselves. God in heaven is watching everyone and in due time he will exalt the humble, and honour those who need to be honoured.

  •                  *                    *

    Point to note

  • Keep on doing good because oneday you will be honoured.

  • Never give in to wrong influence

  • watch the kind of friends you keep

  • You can’t do evil and go on scot free the same way you will do good and one day be rewarded

*Aim at having a past that you will be able to tell.

  • A man dilligent in his work will stand before Kings and not mere men

  • Do things because of the future and not for the present.


Forget the Bad Days

Forget The Bad Days

Wow, readers this post may seem much but kindly read it to the end. IT  IS  A  MUST  READ!
God bless you as you read.

Mr Adewale’s children were a nuisance to the society, they were children which parent never pray to have they were trouble makers, today it is Mr Adewale’s children, tomorrow it is Mr Adewale’s children not for good but for bad. Mr Adewale had tried all his possible best to correct his children but the truth is his best wasn’t enough one thing that kept on troubling Mr Adewale was that he was the person who do correct other children but his children proved stubborn for him to correct he thought over the issue of his children, wondering over the case of His children’s problem.
Then oneday Mr Adewale decided to call his children together, on deciding to call his children to talk to them a thought came to him ”Forget the bad days” tell your children to forget the bad days. Hmmm forget the bad days Mr Adewale thought, he then remembered that he also did evil and was even worse than his children when he was young and remembered that he turned a new leaf and forgot his past, he remembered that whenever he corrected his children they seem to change but later go back to their vomit due to the fact that the thought of the bad they do never seem to leave them alone. He then called his children together. Funmi, Tobi, Seun. Yes Sir they replied. You all should come here i want to talk to you.
He then started thus. Hmmm My children when i was in your age i did worse than what you all are doing, I was evil, worst than you all, i gave my parent problems but i forgot my past and moved on in my life to become a better person.
Forget your evil ways, forget the bad days and come unto God My children. I am about to tell you a stroy for you to learn from.
It was in a village, the village was known for her excellence. This so called village was envied by all other villages. But something terrible happened.
In the midst of the happiness of the villagers, the villagers were so excited about their success that they forgot their good ways, they forgot to do the right things and remembered their evil ways, the villagers were so overjoyous having just won a battle though the village they fought with feared them. They themselves didn’t believe in themselves, they had the feeling something was going wrong but they didn’t know what the problem was.
After winning the battle, they were so overjoyous that they forgot the good things they do whenever they win such battles and remembered evil. The villagers with their King forgot to give glory to God rather they gave glory to themselves and built idols and started to worship idols. The village started worshipping idols on no just reason. They didn’t know what made them do such.
They went on to celebrate a day whereby they will all dance round the idols and decorate and also beautify their idols they forgot God totally, they went ahead to build a temple for the idol and destroyed the church of God for no just reason, the devil at work.
Then all of a sudden after six months of worshipping their so called god, things went wrong, they no longer won battles again they were furious, what is happening someone asked.
Then someone gave a suggestion let us dance round the idols maybe they are annoyed with us, this which annoyed God because God is a jealous God, Has they were dancing round the idols thunder stroke and the idol they worshipped fell down and killed them. What his happening they said, where did we go wrong?
A man who had never for once accepted the idea of the worshipping of Idol told them forgot the evil ways forget the bad days hmmm no one agreed with this man everyone shouted on the man saying ”He didn’t know what he was saying” they made this man look like a fool saying foolishly, out of lack of knowledge ”so worshipping idols is an evil way, so we are celebrating bad and evil days…
The man then tried to remind them about their beginning how things had been going well for them when they were still serving God, they all shouted on the man and refused to think about what the man had said.
That Night a great disaster happened, the temple of the idols collapsed, the chief priest they had died. what is happening, what have we done wrong? Then that same wise man said we failed to acknowledge God, we failed to reverence God, we believd we made the success through our own power, we failed to serve God, we left God alone, we put out trust on idols who can’t do anything to save us, we believeed in Idols who can’t see, smell, hear, talk, walk and don’t have air in them. Hmmm they were all touched and decided to forget their evil ways and go back to God, they decided to fast and pray for forty days until God forgaved them
Truly God forgave them and the history of them once serving idols was forgotten and till today the village served God and more than what they achieved in time past they now achieve it.
Ah Forget the bad days said funmi the first born of the family, yes Funmi forget the bad days, forget those things that doesn’t allow you you to do the will of God detest from those things that make you grieve God and serve God in spirit and in truth, obey the voice of the Lord. The three children went on their kneed asking God for forgiveness. Indeed joy rose again in Mr Adewale’s heart Mr Adewale prayed for hs children and God heard his prayer they say a good name is better than riches and wealth, a good name is profitable than silver than gold.
Mr Adewale’s spoilt image was rebuilt, God granted him a good name because they forgot their evil ways and got closer to God.
The following sunday Mr Adewale and his children testified unto God because God had cleaned his tears and made him and his children forget their bad days.
Things of joy never ceased in that family because the days of regret, tribulation, evil was forgotten.
Not to long things began to show forth as goood. Mr Adewale’s children were known for good in the society. His children’s teacher began to say good things about them. His children bacame children that parent would want to have because they forgot their bad days and turned a new leaf.

Are you having a feeling of guilt, evil that you are not worthy to receive God’s forgiveness. I beg you to STOP that FEELINGS! Who says you can’t be forgiven, don’t let your feelings speak louder than your actions.
Forget your bad days and turn to God and what seems impossible will become possible, things will turn to better for you the bible says
”Once you are a new creature old things are passed away behold all things have become new”

Point to Note

  1. Never you go back to your vomit for any reason.
  2. Always try to turn a new leaf

  3. Don’t let your past take hold of you

  4. Always remember that God loves you no matter what.

  5. Never you give glory to yourself for any achievement you made rather give glory to God

6.Always think twice before taking a step

  1. Idols and smaller gods can’t help you in anyway, rather it is even a sin and what God hates alot
  • God is a jealous God he will never want his children become idolaters

  • No gain in doin evil.

  • Always call on God in time of trouble.

  • Whenever you find yourself guilty of any crime or wrong doing never be too to ask for forgiveness from God.

  • Thanks For taking your time to read. Love you all and God bless, i hope you have learnt from the story?

    All the Best

    Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

    Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

    Mr Johnson had just been laid off from work on the account that he did some dubious work. How can that be possible? Mr Johnson of all people laid off? What’s the reason?
    Mr Johnson had always being good man he was indeed a rare gem and this made people envy him and decided to plot evil against him, His colleagues in work cooked up a story against him and he was sacked. How will Mr Johnson cope?
    Mr Johnson got home that day in tears because he didn’t know where to start from. His children were suprised to see their strong father crying like a baby, they then tried their possible best to make their father happy believing that God will make a way.
    In the evening when Mrs Johnson came home she was also dejected and frustrated her shop had also got burnt what was happening to the Johnson’s family? Mr Johnson and his wife were seriously in tears the father got sacked, the wife’s shop got burnt where will they start from? His wife consoled her husband telling him”Every cloud has a silver lining” that there was still hope since when there is life there is hope.
    The Johnson family had to borrow money to eat. Life really went tough for the Johnson’s. This made Mr Johnson remember how he started. Mr Johnson. Mr Johnson was the second born out of six children. The first born of the family died in a fatal accident so Mr Johnson assumed the position as the first child of the family. He had really struggled to acquire all he had but know all had gone.
    A friend of his also tried to help Mr Johnson’s family financially but shockingly the sum of N100,000 which his friend gave him was carted away by armed robbers what was going on? Who did Mr Johnson offend? It was really a bad situation. Family members had to take care of Mr Johnson’s needs
    Mr Johnson then decided to start looking for job again a new hope rose in him again. He submitted his Curriculum vitae to various companies. Life was really Difficult for Mr Johnson, some of his former colleagues at work seeing him looking for job made jest of him.
    But surely one day has God would have it, Mr Johnson had gone for his normal daily job seeking two different companies sent appointment letter to him but since he wasn’t around they dropped the letter with his children. Has Mr Johnson got home his children gave him the letter on opening the letter he was given the appointment to be a Marketing manager and the other letter was for him to be a managing director of a new company truly every cloud has a silver lining. Just has he was celebrating with his family another letter came from his former company with profuse apologies to come back and take his position.
    The the word his wife said to him came to his mind truly ”Every cloud has a silver lining”

    Word of Advice
    Every cloud has a silver lining no matter the situation once there is life there is hope, never you give up in any situation you find yourself in. God is still on the throne he will see you through.

    After Rain Come Sunshine

    After Rain Come Sunshine

    Mrs Adebimpe was indeed a strong woman. A woman of great virtues, Mrs Adebimpe having lost her husband in a ghastly motor accident three years ago along Lagos- Ibadan expressway have being struggling alone for survival with her four children. Mrs Adebimpe was ready to do anything to give her children the best of everything, she was bent on giving her children the best of all in order for them to make it in life. Thank God Mrs Adebimpe was educated, she wasn’t an illiterate. Mrs Adebimpe working for a company for close to seven years was laid off from work for no just reason. Mrs Adebimpe was wrongly alleged of stealing some huge amount of money from the company’s account.
    Mrs Adebimpe really faced turbulent times but she never gave up she knew one day all will be well. Mrs Adebimpe suffered! After she was laid off from work she searched here and there for a job she could do all to no avail. The ones she saw, ongoing for an interview the managing director of the company told her to make love with him before she could be employed, but she refused. What a dangerous world we are we humans have made this world dangerous, couldn’t the managing director see that Mrs Adebimpe was facing difficult times, couldn’t he hear her plea. The managing director was inhumane even after Mrs Adebimpe explained her plight to the managing director he refused to give her the job. Mrs Adebimpe left the company that day frustrated and tired, such a wicked world!
    Death didn’t do good, Thank God for Mrs Adebimpe’s understanding children. The four children understood the situation and difficulties their mother was passing through so the children also decided to put in their best in making their poor mother proud. Mrs Adebimpe’s known as mama Jide in the community decided to find another means of survival she decided to sell goods in their compound and sometimes hawk the goods Mrs Adebimpe did various tedious and strenous work, in order to make it she managed to give her children three squaremeal Her children were really understanding, the children told her not to bother giving them a three square meal that two square meal was still enough for them the children never complained and they never dissapointed their mother, Her children were not only understanding, caring they were also intelligent. Her children had high grades in school. Truly the future was bright.
    On a fateful day after hawking goods for long distance Mrs Adebimpe met an old friend of hers the friend was shocked to see Mrs Adebimpe in such a difficult and pathetic situation, she was confused, this old friend of Mrs Adebimpe was touched to help her. She carried Mrs adebimpe and told her to take her house on getting to Mrs Adebimpe house she was shocked, she felt sorry for Mrs Adebimpe, all she saw was poverty.
    Mrs Adebimpe’s friend made up her mind to help because she couldn’t believe that such a thing could befall her childhood friend.
    Before long things started to change for better Mrs Adebimpe’s friend was just like a divine helper, Mrs Adebimpe’s friend built a house for her and also gave her a supermarket, it marked things for joy for Mrs Adebimpe and her children and they never knew sorrow again and truly Mrs Adebimpe said after Rain come Sunshine.

    Word of Advice
    Truly after rain come sunshine, there is no problem without a solution, you maybe passing through difficulties know but never give up, oneday you will laugh, the future is still bright. All is going to be well,because the thought God has towards us are thought of peace and not of evil to give us an expected end.

    Respect Your Parents and Your Elders

    Respect Your Parents and Elders

    What a wonderful Tuesday my Handsome and Beautiful readers, looking at today’s blog topic it may come to mind that this post is mainly for children and teenagers but No, it is for everyone I believe even 50 years adults still have people they respect and some still have parents so not minding your age I wrote this post for everyone to respect their parents and anyone who is older than one.
    We live in a world where everyone wants respect, in some traditions the elders prefer being accorded respect than being given money, that is to tell you how inportant respect is, so i wrote a story that i guess will teach us some sense.

    What kind of stupid woman is she? what type of human is she? Why was i born into this world by her? Oh God I regret she is my mother, such a wicked mother! This were the words of Bola. Bola was such an intelligent girl but the problem she had was that she never respected her elders. Oh Bola only if someone could correct her and she would take to correction, she was so carefree, Has Bola was shouting and abusing her mother, an old woman passed and called her to order, My daughter she called thrice why are you abusing your mother, come here my daughter. Bola listened to the old woman, The old woman sat Bola down and talked some senses to her, My daughter why are you shouting on your mother don’t you know the consequences of what you are doing, hmmm Knowledge is power, my daughter when i was in your age i did more than what you are doing right now but i learnt my lessons. The truth is I never had someone to correct me, but thank God here you are you have someone to correct you. Seeing you has a beautiful girl i see you have a promising future, but do you know that your behaviour and actions can stand has an obstacle to that great and bright future of yours. Here is a story for you to learn from. Funmi Adekoya was such a beautiful girl, she was brilliant, hardworking, but she never respected her parent. Her parent tried their possible to correct her but all proved abortive.
    An incident happened that really showed that funmi’s future may not be bright. On that fateful day funmi’s mother sent funmi on an errand but because she was reading her book she refused to listen to her mother’s call she turned deaf ears to her mother’s calling her mother was then furious and angry because she knew funmi was in the house and bola wasn’t sleeping but refused to answer her. She went into Funmi’s room in annoyance with a cane. Has Funmi saw her mother in the room. She started shouting on her mother, words like why were you calling my name like that? Who do you think you are? Is it because you are my mother that’s why you are calling my name like that? What sort of nonsense is that mother? Where what came out of her mouth. Her mother was ashamed and shocked and replied Funmi is it me your mother you are talking to are you in your right senses. When did that start? Why do you refuse to listen to correction? I pray you don’t regret your actions.
    After some months Funmi’s mother was ill and the truth was the doctor predicted that she had just a few days to live. What! How can such happen? How will she just have some few days to live? Who will take care of the children? Funmi was still arrogant about it even after knowing that her mother just had few days to live due to the sickness she had, she still didn’t repent, she didn’t reason that she was supposed to beg her mom for forgivenss! She still went on with her disrespectfulness, she was still rude to her mother, never knowing the consequences of her action.
    After somedays Funmi’s mother died. What a tragedy! What will become of the children. Anyway it was God’s will. God had destined it already. The burial was done, and now it was a new life for funmi and her siblings, hmmm funmi grew worse. she became a nuisance and a menace to the society. Oh funmi the daughter of the Adegoke’s what will be of her, will she have a bright future?
    The law of karma prevailed whatever you sow you will reap. Funmi grew to regret her actions, she became a person of ridicule. No one ever respected her. Funmi Married and gave birth to children but will Funmi have a blissful and peaceful marriage. Funmi’s children grew to become worse than her to the extent that Funmi’s children were bent on killing her. If not for a friend of funmi who took Funmi to a pastor, oh was it too late for funmi? Will her prayers be answered? No one knows but God is a merciful God.
    God forgived funmi her prayer was answered, she learnt her lesson, funmi later became a child counsellor and guidan, she lived to advise and guild other children. She really wished she never disrespected her parent.
    Hmmm! Bola was sober, she weeped and weeped the old woman consoled her and advised bola to respect her parent and elders and also beg for her parent’s forgiveness and also plead for her mother’s prayer. Indeed/truly God saved Bola’s life, she was forgiven, she became a changed person.

    Have we ever sat down and thought of the reasons some people are facing problems in life? Lot of people are facing problems today due to their lack of respect for elders. Lot of people today are rude and saucy. They really lack respect. There is a popular saying that respect is reciprocal not only should we respect our parents and elders, we should respect those we are older than . Everyone deserved to be respected despite of his or her way of life.
    Whatever sows one will reap, we will surely pay for the evil and the bad we do learn now, be corrected now before it is going to be late. Don’t live a life of regret, that at the end you will say had I known. If you respect your parent not only will you be respected. You will have a blessed life and live long on earth.

    God bless
    Thanks For reading.

    Bolu Akindele

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