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A Proud Past

A Proud Past

It was on a cool and pleasant evening. Mr Folorunsho, an elderly man of respect, a man of high moral standards. A man who strives to be the best of the best, a guardian of many, loved by many, respected by many, he could be said to be the wisest man in his community. The bible says ”See thou a man dilligent in his works, he shall stand before kings and noble men and not mere men, this was the story of Elder Folorunsho, rich and famous men and women do come to him for advice on matters affecting them due to his experience in life Elder Folorunsho after advising them will not collect anything in return indeed he was a man of high moral standard.
This cool and pleasant evening Elder Folorunsho as usual called the children and youth in his neighbourhood for another interesting night tale. Today Mr Folorunsho titled his story ”A Proud Past” he started thus. It was all about a young man born into this world and named Tunde. Tunde was an easy going, gentle boy when he was young and till know he his still a gentle and easy going man. Tunde lost his mother when he was eight years old. So he was brought up by his father’s relative. Tunde was brought up not to love his mother’s family but he didn’t grow up not to love his mother’s relative, he loved and cherished his mother’s family has he loved and cherished his father’s family.
Tunde not having a mother to look after him mingled with bad friends, evil people, people of low moral standard, but he didn’t get influenced , his friends tried all they could to influence him wrongly but it was as if there was a stronghold on Tunde that didn’t make him get negatively influenced. Tunde grew up to be a hardworking, intelligent, easy going person he aimed at having a proud past that he will be able to tell his children. In order to make ends meet Tunde decided to do some little work, though he was paid a meagre amount of money he didn’t complain, he kept on working hard believing one day all will be well.
Oneday an incident happened in Tunde’s place of work, An old man came to buy some materials after buying the materials the old man paid excess of what he bought and also misplaced a chaque of 1.5million naira with his business card. later in the evening when Tunde was doing his calculation of what he sold during the day and also perparing to close for the day he noticed that the old man paid excess and he also found the cheque which the old man forgot. He decided to tell his friend, His friend advised him wrongly, but he thought over over it and decided to reach the old man, there he saw the old man’s business card, He contacted the Old man, the old man was shocked to find his cheque in the hands of Tunde, the oldman was grateful and showed his appreciation by giving Tunde Ten thousand naira, Tunde refused to collect the money telling the man not to worry, the old man kept pressing on that Tunde should collect the money but when he saw that Tunde was adamant he gave Tunde his business card telling him if he needed any help he should contact him. This was the beginning of Tunde’s trial of success.
After some month a group of cultist tried to lure Tunde into joining their group but Tunde thought it was that what was his being a cultist and also being taught in school about the evil of cultism refused to join them and then decided to report the case to the police officers. More and more temptations Tunde faced but didn’t compromise he has determined to live a good life. Weeks after the incident of the cultist trying to lure Tunde into joining their group, unknown to Tunde someone was watching him whenever he faced those challenges, he received a call from the state government and Tunde was honoured and also awarded. The honour of being ”Master of Good moral” Things didn’t stop there for Tunde he received other benefir from God and man, he graduated from secondary school having passed his WAEC in good grades and gained admission into the University, after his four years of learning in the university he bagged a first class degree in Accounting.
The world at Tunde’s feet indeed he had a proud past and a promising tomorrow said Mr Folorunsho, the children were so sober on hearing the story, they thanked Mr. Folorunso for such a wonderful stroy and also made up their mind to live a good life and also aim at having a proud past to tell their children.
Mr Folorunsho urged them all to live by example telling them if they think no one is watching they are deceiving themselves. God in heaven is watching everyone and in due time he will exalt the humble, and honour those who need to be honoured.

  •                  *                    *

    Point to note

  • Keep on doing good because oneday you will be honoured.

  • Never give in to wrong influence

  • watch the kind of friends you keep

  • You can’t do evil and go on scot free the same way you will do good and one day be rewarded

*Aim at having a past that you will be able to tell.

  • A man dilligent in his work will stand before Kings and not mere men

  • Do things because of the future and not for the present.

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