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I Just Don’t Know

I Just Don’t Know

This morning on my way to my Jamb Lesson, I was filled with lot of thoughts, I started thinking about my life and all that concerns me, I was so filled with lots of thoughts thinking about what the future entails for me, thinking about my family, thinking about lots of things that I can’t just explain in here.
I thought about lots of things forgetting about God. With all the thoughts that crossed my mind, I was just saying to myself things like I just don’t know…… Don’t know what’s going to happen next to me, don’t know what tomorrow brings, don’t know what my future entails.
I guess sometimes we all just sit down filled with thoughts that we just allow to cross through our minds. This world and its ups and downs! It’s just not easy, but little do we know that if we put our trust and hope in God, If we pray to God, If we worship him, If we get close to God, If we create a father and son/daughter relationship with God we won’t be disturbed with the ups and downs of life.
We tend to forget that only God knows tomorrow, we tend to forget that as far has we are in a good relationship with God he has total control of all that concerns us. Most of us bother ourselves with what will happen tomorrow, when today is still there. We forget that God who did it for us today will also do it for us tomorrow.
Jesus had already told us that
”Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I shall give you rest”
God almighty had already told us to cast all our burdens to him, so why do we disturb ourselves with all sort of unneccesary things.
Only God knows tomorrow, Only God will promise us and never fail, Only God has great plans for us. It is left to us to play our own part of being faithful and loyal to him.
Me has a person have being far from God for sometime, most times i forget to pray, most times i just get carried away with the things of the world, but I thank God for his love upon my life that he do call me to order whenever am about going astray. We just don’t know tomorrow so why disturb ourselves with what we are going to eat tomorrow, what we are going to wear tomorrow, the money we are going to spend tomorrow, we are we afraid, why do we nurture selfish ambitions, why do we run away from God and the truth. We forget tomorrow will take care of itself. God his the maker and Lord over our life so why can’t we just leave everything in God’s control by playing our own good part, but not being bothered of the things of the world. The truth is we worry to much which is not good and also not good for our health.
This morning this were the things that came to my mind while thinking. And i just told myself I just don’t know but all i know is that God will take care of my needs. So readers here is a poem I composed to butress my point.

I just don’t know
Why we all bother ouselves with the things of the world
I just don’t know why we fret and fear
When the maker of our life is ready to help us

I just don’t know why we disturb ourselves
I just don’t know why we bother ourselves with what will happend next
Put your trust in God and He won’t fail you

I guess because we all want the best for ourselves
Forgetting God!
In all we do we should put God first
And we will see the wonders

God loves us all
He says he know us right from when we where in our mother’s womb
So why bother ourselves

All we need is to play our own part

All i can say for now
Is I just don’t know
I just don’t know
But God knows
He knows everything about us
And I just don’t know.

I guess have just passed a message accross the rest of the message will be for another day
All the best
Love you all


The Law of Nature

The Law Of Nature

God loves us all and he nevers wants us to perish. I do say that if those who do evil ever think and know that they will surely be a consequences of their action they will never do evil.
A lot of people do evil without thinking of the consequences, they forget the law of naure will prevail. They forget nemesis will catch up with all evil doers. That’s why i wrote this poem so the ignorant, the evil doers will know that the law of nature will catch up with them if they don’t stop doing evil and also correct their ways.

Ah the law of nature!
What’s the law of nature?
Have you heard of the law of nature?
The law of nature will surely prevail

The law of nature will surely catch up with all who violate the law
Beware of the law
Nemesis will catch up will all who do bad

There is always a consequence for all evil action
The wages of sin is death
Beware of doing evil
Think twice before taking a decision

The law of Nature!
No matter how long you hide
No matter all long you run all you evil doers
The law of nature will catch up with you!

The law of Nature
If you break the law you will pay for it
A word is enough for the wise
All who love their life will hear and obey

Never do evil coz the law of nature will evil
The law of nature

All the best
Enjoy the rest of your day.

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