Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Mr Johnson had just been laid off from work on the account that he did some dubious work. How can that be possible? Mr Johnson of all people laid off? What’s the reason?
Mr Johnson had always being good man he was indeed a rare gem and this made people envy him and decided to plot evil against him, His colleagues in work cooked up a story against him and he was sacked. How will Mr Johnson cope?
Mr Johnson got home that day in tears because he didn’t know where to start from. His children were suprised to see their strong father crying like a baby, they then tried their possible best to make their father happy believing that God will make a way.
In the evening when Mrs Johnson came home she was also dejected and frustrated her shop had also got burnt what was happening to the Johnson’s family? Mr Johnson and his wife were seriously in tears the father got sacked, the wife’s shop got burnt where will they start from? His wife consoled her husband telling him”Every cloud has a silver lining” that there was still hope since when there is life there is hope.
The Johnson family had to borrow money to eat. Life really went tough for the Johnson’s. This made Mr Johnson remember how he started. Mr Johnson. Mr Johnson was the second born out of six children. The first born of the family died in a fatal accident so Mr Johnson assumed the position as the first child of the family. He had really struggled to acquire all he had but know all had gone.
A friend of his also tried to help Mr Johnson’s family financially but shockingly the sum of N100,000 which his friend gave him was carted away by armed robbers what was going on? Who did Mr Johnson offend? It was really a bad situation. Family members had to take care of Mr Johnson’s needs
Mr Johnson then decided to start looking for job again a new hope rose in him again. He submitted his Curriculum vitae to various companies. Life was really Difficult for Mr Johnson, some of his former colleagues at work seeing him looking for job made jest of him.
But surely one day has God would have it, Mr Johnson had gone for his normal daily job seeking two different companies sent appointment letter to him but since he wasn’t around they dropped the letter with his children. Has Mr Johnson got home his children gave him the letter on opening the letter he was given the appointment to be a Marketing manager and the other letter was for him to be a managing director of a new company truly every cloud has a silver lining. Just has he was celebrating with his family another letter came from his former company with profuse apologies to come back and take his position.
The the word his wife said to him came to his mind truly ”Every cloud has a silver lining”

Word of Advice
Every cloud has a silver lining no matter the situation once there is life there is hope, never you give up in any situation you find yourself in. God is still on the throne he will see you through.


About Samuel Oluwatimilehin

A Teenage Blogger,Writer and Poet. he loves writings, reading, surfing the internet, researching. He dreams of becoming a communication expert, journalist and a world class writer and poet. He is also always ready to share his knowledge about life with people.

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