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A Poem- Wise Life

Gracious Afternoon readers, Hope you all had a great sunday. Here is another wonderful post for you guys and i hope you will enjoy it.
There is no one that will want to live a meaningless life, that will want to live a foolish life. But still yet a lot of us still don’t know the way. In this writeup which i wrote in form of a poem you will see the essence of living a wise life. I know we all are wise we aren’t in anyway foolish.
God help us all. So here is the poem.

Wise Life
The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
A wise life
Every wise man would want to live a wise life
Oh even the foolish aspire to live a wise life

What’s this wise life
This wise life is the life that lives to please God and does the will of God
A life filled with the wisdom of God
The joy of God
And all of God

A wise life tends to make you live longer
While a foolish life pushes one to an early grave

A wise life is full of peace, Joy and wisdom.
Aspire to live a wise life
You will live a wise life, if you follow the right principles.

A person wo misses the way of wisdom is as good as dead
Wisdom is found in the heart of those who take advise
I urge you all to live a wise life
Live a real life

Indeed the wise life only for the wise
Difficult to live for the simple and mockers
The simple learns from the punishment of the mocker
The wise learn the easy way
We ought to live a wise life.

He who walks with the wise grows wise
But the companion of fools suffers harm
All that glitters is not gold
Common sense they say isn’t common

Live a wise life coz it is profitable
Live a wise life free from regret
Live a wise life and you will overcome challenges in a easy way

A wise life oh a wise life
we all want to live a good wise life.

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