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The Act of Exercising Your Choice

Exercising Your Choice
In the world of today we all make choices on a daily basis but on getting to some certain stage in our life it seems very difficult for some people to take certain choices.
Let me a brief definition about choice. Choice involves mentally making a decision, judging the merits of multiple options on selecting one or more of them, one can make a choice betweem imagined options (”what would i do if…?”)
We all got to exercise our choice we all got to take some certain decisions in our lives. We all make choices on a daily basis from what to eat, the cloth to wear, when to a task and many more.
I was inspired to write this post due to what happened to me recently, right from when i was young have always wanted to be a future accountant but growing up i later changed to seeing myself has a biochemical engineer but at last when i was in SS1 when it was time for me to decide the department to go to i chose the art department i had to do some thinking coz my dad wanted me to go to the science department, the same thing with my teacher because the first term in SS1 all the students of the then SS1 did all the subjects in the three department on my own side i did excellently in the science subjects like physics, chemistry but later due to my interest i went to the art department so while in the art department i also made up my mind to be a lawyer but now graduating from secondary school and looking forward to gain admission into the university, i was to fill the jamb form so before i filled it i sat myself down and decided to choose which i was more interested in between law and mass communication i will say my parent wants me to go for Law, i am also interested in Law but something deep down tells me i will be better of studying Mass Communication. I took a bold step to fill the form and i choosed Mass Communication. I exercised my choice.
With this that happened to me i felt i should share with you guyz why you should exercise your choice and the things you must consider when you want to exercise your choice. Lot of people are influenced by a lot of things when exercising their choice
1. Family
2. Peer Group Influence
When one is choosing the carrer path to follow the best thing to influence one is God, your interest and your capability, one should also not allow anyone force one to take a particular carrer path. People can only guide you they can’t choose for you, you only know yourself well even yourparent i will say don’t know you more than yourself.
I wonder why a lot of people find it difficult to exercise their choice. I believe man is a free moral agent we all have the right to exercise our choices
For example there are some certain things in life people must not get wrong because one has the right to exercise his/her choice doesn’t mean one should disobey his/her parent advise on certain issues of life. When exercising ones choice one should be careful inorder not to take a choice which one will later regret that is why it is better one put into consideration things that matter when taking decisions
So let get straight to business
Why should you Exercise your Choice
1. One should exercise his or her choice because it is your right, you have a freewill to decide on things that matter to you, one must not allowanyone dictate to one what one must do.
2. You Must: You must exercise becauseone can’t live this life without exercising his/her choice and also take decision.

Things to Consider when exercising your choice.
1. It it the right choice to take
2. Is there going to be an after effect
3. Is God okay with it
4. If it is in your career
The career prospect

Types of choices
There are four main types of decisions/choice although they can be expressed in different way. Brian Tracy breaks them down into
1. Command decisions, which can only be made by you, as the “Commander in Chief”; or owner of a company.
2. Delegated decisions, which may be made by anyone, such as the color of the bike shed, and should be delegated, as the decision must be made but the choice is inconsequential. 3. Avoided decisions, where the outcome could be so severe that the choice should not be made, as the consequences can not be recovered from if the wrong choice is made. This will most likely result in negative actions, such as death.
4. “No-brainer” decisions, where the choice is so obvious that only one choice can reasonably be made.
5. A fifth type, however, or fourth if three and four are combined as one type, is the collaborative decision, which should be made in consultation with, and by agreement of others. Collaborative Decision Making revolutionized air- traffic safety by not deferring to the captain when a lesser crew member becomes aware of a problem.
In conclusion having seen all this i guess we all will now start taking the right choice
Choices are important, the choice you take make or mar you.

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