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Taking Your Religion Seriously

Taking Your Religion Seriously

It is a new month and a wonderful Sunday, Happy new Month Friends, My prayer is that this month of November does us good And I promise that this month wonderful and interesting post will be shared with you all by the Grace of God. Just make sure you visit this blog throughout this month.

I was inspired to write this post because I have seen that lot of us today no longer take our religion seriously, we handle our religion and God with levity, this post is for everyone regardless of if you are a Christian or a Muslim.

There are seven days in a week and has a Christian. The seventh day which is a Sunday as been regulated as a Sabbath day which everyone is expected to go to the House Of God. Long before the Muslims don’t usually have programmes in their mosque on a Sunday neither do they have gatherings but know I guess they have seen the essence of it that’s why Muslims do have a gathering every Sunday which is called “Asalatu”

Irrespective of our religion we are all expected to take our religion seriously, because our religion has it importance. As a Christian you are expected to pray to God on a daily basis attend Christian fellowships and also attend Sunday services , but today a lot of people no longer have time for their religion, most Christian now go to work or any place of their interest on a Sunday it is also very difficult for some Christians to even go down on their knees to pray to God they will always give excuse that God understands. Let me tell you today that it is very wrong for you not to take your religion seriously because if going to Church or Mosque was not important God wouldn’t have said it or even commanded it. God almighty had already made a Sunday a Sabbath day so why should anyone decide to go to work on a Sunday instead of going to church to serve God.

It is a two side of a coin, because there is one thing for you to be religious and another thing to be holy. Some other people are religious but not holy. The God has said it that “Not everyone that calls my name would make it to heaven” but before one can be holy one must first be religious, one must first attend Christian fellowships and other Christian gatherings. Being religious will also make you closer to God but don’t be too religious and you wouldn’t be holy.

There should be a difference between a Christian, Muslim and a pagan.

A Christian should act like a Christian

A Muslim should act like a Muslim

Nowadays some people don’t see anything bad in not been religious. Some people live their daily life without for once praying to God. I will say again don’t just be religious live a life that please God. Al lot of people also do eye service and also pretend. The right way to pray is by praying in your closet, in your room not that when you want to pray you will go to the street and start praying for people to see you and know that you know how to pray! That is rubbish

God almighty loves us all. Take your religion seriously, but don’t do it in pretence

Your religion matters

Why do you think some countries, even Nigeria give citizens the right to practice their religion?

If religion wasn’t important would countries put it as a right to practice it their constitution?

Take your religion seriously, has a Christian take it seriously, Has a Muslim take it seriously. Mind you god watches everyone.

I love my religion and I love God am not only going to be religious through the help and grace of God I will live an holy life.

Thanks for reading.

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The Demise Of A Good Friend


The Demise of a Good Friend

This poem is dedicated to a good friend and a Brother who died on the 31st of October 2015. It is really painful and disheartening that you left us so soon OPEYEMI OLADIPUPO, but who are we to question God? One thing I know for sure is that you will always be remembered in our hearts


It was very hard for me to believe when I first told you had died

It is really painful and disheartening

You left us so soon


Words can’t express how I feel right now

You were such a caring, loving and gentle person

You were someone who was always aiming at the top

But who knew death was knocking


I remember the good times we shared together has friends

I remember the past good memories

I remember how generous you were to everyone that came your way


We love you but God loves you most

You will forever be remembered in our heart

I just have to stop here


You were a good fellow when you were alive

My prayer is that God consoles your parent and Siblings

And that you also rest in the Bosom of the Lord

Till we meet again good friend

May Your Gentle Soul Rest in Perfect Peace.




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