A Poem:Lack Of Knowledge

Lack Of Knowledge

Today, knowledge has power. It contains access to opportunity and advancement.
Peter Drucker

The possession of a perfect knowledge of your business is an absolute necessary in order to ensure success.
-P.T Barnum

One of the largest sources of power today is derived from specialized knowledge.
-Anthony Robbins & Joseph Mc McClendon

We are living in a world where knowledge is very important but yet a lot of people still lack knowledge. Knowledge is the foundation for development. Knowledge is power. To continue to grow in life one needs knowledge. We all need the knowledge of God in life to make a difference in life. One thing we all need to know that the source of knowledge we are operating on will determine whether one will be developed or underdeveloped.
Our source of knowledge is very important we should be careful of the information we allow into our lives.
Knowledge does a lot of good to one
1. Knowledge promotes.
2. Knowledge gives confidence.
3. Knowledge brings exploits in life.
4. Knowledge brings distinction.
5. Knowledge brings deliverance.
6. Knowledge helps one act wisely.
7. Knowledge makes a difference on ones life.
But despite all this lots of people still lack knowledge, lot of people are deformed.
Knowledge is power and it is very bad for one to lack knowledge.
I decided to write a poem on lack of knowledge read and learn!

The lack of knowledge
A lot of people lack knowledge
Even the bible proves it
My people perish because of lack of knowledge.

We need the right knowledge
We got to be knowledgeable to have a responsible life
A lot are ignorant of knowledge

A lot do evil due to lack of knowledge
A lot have know one to correct them
Even those who have one to correct them hardly heed to correction.
Knowledge is power!

Experience is the best teacher
We got to learn from the mistakes of others
Only a fool would want to make all the mistakes his!
Knowledge, knowledge here and there.

Many people are fed with junk facts
And they claim to knowledgeable
Why do you think people pray for knowledge
Knowledge is very important in the life of man

We got to learn the right way
Learn the right principles
If you are not informed you will be deformed
Oh knowledge where art thou

How i wish human’s head could be broken to put in knowledge
Lack of Knowledge kills
While having knowledge restores
Some of our leaders lack knowledge to lead right
Thats why we need the will of God to prevail

Parent need to impact knowledge to their children
Teachers need to impact knowledge to students/pupils
Pastors need to impact knowledge to their congregation
The media need to impact knowledge to the masses

Beware of those who spread rumours, wrong information
They are many around
Hold on to the true fact.
Believe the truth, say the truth and you shall be saved.

I need knowledge, you need knowledge
To live a wise responsible life
Knowledge, Knowledge, man cry for you from time to time.

I believe in Divine Knowledge
I believe in right information
Knowledge is power
Get knowledge, Get wisdom and you get wealth.

Truly people die due to lack of knowledge.

Thanks for reading.

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About Samuel Oluwatimilehin

A Teenage Blogger,Writer and Poet. he loves writings, reading, surfing the internet, researching. He dreams of becoming a communication expert, journalist and a world class writer and poet. He is also always ready to share his knowledge about life with people.

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